Initiatives and Programs


Train-the-Trainer– is a one-day homebuyer and financial education workshop facilitated by the MHI staff and conducted by trained housing professionals.  The workshop trains individuals of new and existing affiliate organizations on how to conduct homebuyer and financial education classes in their own communities.

Housing Counseling - describes numerous types of housing issues that individuals and families may need more information or counseling on when planning to purchase a home or after a home has been purchased.  HUD Housing counseling typically consists of any of the following:

-Pre and Post Purchase Counseling
-Credit Review and Repair
-Rental/Tenant Counseling
-Section 8
-Post Occupancy
- Fair Housing
- Predatory Lending
-Reverse Mortgage Counseling
-Mortgage Default and Delinquency
-Budget Counseling

Homebuyer Education – is a component of housing counseling.  Homebuyer Education could be pre or post purchase counseling.  When individuals are planning to purchase their first home, it is good if they attend a homebuyers’ education class.  The class will provide an A-Z understanding of the process of purchasing a home, banking and mortgage finance terminologies, credit readiness, budgeting, shopping for a home and closing a mortgage.  Once an individual or family has purchased a home, enrolling in a post purchase homebuyer education class is suggested.  This class teaches persons how to maintain their home, both physically and financially.  Keeping your home in good condition encourages increased property and resale values.

Financial Education- provides a basic to an increased understanding of how to manage your finances.  MHI has incorporated FDIC’s Money Smart, a financial education curriculum, into its two-day Train-the-Trainer Workshop.  

WOW- is a wealth-building initiative founded by The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.  MHI was chosen to be a catalyst in Mississippi to promote this program.  The program basically consists of raising the awareness of potential and existing homeowners by conducting housing fairs, which advertise and provide information on purchasing a home, credit assistance, down payment assistance, closing cost assistance, finding a real estate agent, etc.

Technical Assistance/Support – MHI provides technical assistance and support to agencies via on-site, telephone or e-mail.  Affiliate agencies often call after training with questions and concerns regarding setting up their first workshop, finding presenters, securing classroom space, certificate requests, etc.  

Referral Assistance - MHI receives many calls from persons regarding all types of housing needs, e.g. homeless, renters assistance, foreclosure, Section 8 housing, etc.  Because we have long considered ourselves a One Stop Shop Housing organization, we act, as a resource for those persons with housing needs outside of homebuyer education and housing counseling.